>Redesigns of Union Jack flag up prospects for change


I like the designs for a new Union flag (Union Jack) being promoted by a website I recently stumbled across campaigning for a new national flag, which got a bit of publicity recently after one of the MPs for Wrexham felt that the flag should get a dash of green and/or incorporate red dragon to represent Wales alongside the other three constituent nations. Thinking over just why this appealed to me I realised it was probably less the kind of rather artificial project of forging a modern progressive sense of British identity, rescuing the flag from imperial and far right associations, beloved of the British social democratic left from George Orwell to Billy Bragg and Gordon Brown, than a sense – even living at its suburban South East English heart – that the UK state is slowly unwinding into a multi-level institutional spaghetti and may – over the medium to long term – be truncated by the departure of Scotland and that I am not remotely bothered. An independent Scotland I suppose would entail eliminating the blue from the flag, although more likely I suspect a rump Anglo-Welsh British state would probably just keep the old flag regardless, as the Czechs did with the Czechoslovak flag after the break-up with Slovakia in 1993. The redesign I liked best, however (above) is much harder to fathom politically as it seems to turn the (Northern) Irish cross of St Andrew green – unless it represented a commitment to carbon neutral society, I suppose it might imply some kind of new identity for Northern Ireland (perhaps shared sovereignty with the Republic of Ireland?). Answers on a postcard (or email) to the website linked to above

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  1. richardlith 7 December 2007 at 10:51 am #

    >Sean, the Irish cross is St Patrick, not Andrew. And with a name like Sean…

  2. Sean Hanley 12 December 2007 at 10:33 pm #

    >Yes, indeed… I suppose I should probably try and should defend myself by saying that I subconsciously associated the cross of St Andrew with Ulster Unionism, or that I so was caught up thinking through political scenarios that might lead the UK to change its flag, I forgot all about which bits of the flag were which- but actually it was just a daft mistake. Thanks for picking up on it.

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