>Czech elections – was it the expatriate vote wot lost it for the left?

> A curious footnote to the Czech election. Czech media widely reported that – to paraphrase The Sun– it was expatriate votes wot lost it for the left..

Czechs registered as resident abroad were able to vote in person at Czech embassies and consulates, as were Czech tourists and travellers if they had obtained a polling card from local authorities in the Czech Republic before leaving. Expatriate votes were added to those of a randomly chosen electoral district – in 2006 South Bohemia. Although only something over 7000 of the estimated 70,000 expatriates registered to vote, their votes were apparently to prove crucial for the outcome.

A large majority of the 6674 expatriate votes added in to South Bohemia (50.17%) were cast for the Civic Democrats (LN 5 June 2006, p. 7), reportedly gaining an ODS an additional deputy in the at the expense Social thus preventing the Social Democrats and Communists gaining the 101 seats to sustain a minority Social Democratic with Communists support. However, a Czech Statistical Office official – CSO oversees the election, there is no central electoral commission – was reported as saying that this a misinterpretation as no one had tracked, which votes were counted as which of the various stages

I am rather baffled as – from my, admittedly rather non-specialist knowledge of the working d’Hondt method used to allocate seats – it is the total number of votes for a party divided up, so a net gain of several thousand expat votes could have an impact…

Looks like a visit to the CSO website is in order…

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  1. Sean Hanley 26 June 2006 at 9:10 am #

    >And indeed, I read up on the d’Hondt formula and looked up the figures for allocations of seats for South Bohemia on the CSO website, pocket calculator in hand, and, yes. press reports that the addition of expat vote won the Civic Democrats the final seat but that if the Social Democrats had had an additional 338 votes they would have gained the final seat seem to make perfect sense

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