>Playing leapfrog in Estonia

> Some interesting neo-liberal/Blairite ideas about the Baltic kicking about in discussions at work today. The three Baltic states and CEE generally, should, blaze a trail of e-government, public and judicial sector reform and open migrant-friendly labour markets, leapfrogging tired old Western Europe, which has been a point of reference as model for much too inefficient and sclerotic to emulate. Estonia with its flat taxes, double digit growth andpaperless tax system (almost) is the case in point with Slovakia mentally in the background and an honourable mention for the Czech migration programme seeking to recruit skilled professionals from the CIS (a failure in practice alas -an over complicated bureaucratic application procedure has procduec only a few dozen suitable migrant). Of course, the implicit alternative point of reference, here, is the US and our own ongoing British experiment in market-led modernization…

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