>Slovenia: ‘erased’ still face hurdles to regularize status

>Slovenia News reports on that country’s latest, attempt to regularize the position of citizens of ex-Yugoslav republics living in the country (since before the break-up) of the federation. It seems complex and less than generous or straightfoward

“Government Adopts Law on the Erased

Ljubljana, 30 October
Government adopted on Tuesday amendments designed to regulate the status of persons from the former Yugoslavia who had permanent residence in Slovenia on 23 December 1990 and have lived here since.
However, they will be eligible for permanent residence rights only if they had asked for permanent residence before but were denied the request, Interior Minister Dragutin Mate told the press.The law has the purpose of regulating the status of the so-called »erased«, the people from the former Yugoslavia who were crossed out of the permanent residency register in 1992.The applications would be processed on a case-by-case basis. The applicants would have their permanent residence status reinstated retroactively, but only from the day that they first lodged such a request.The relevant proceedings would be launched solely on the basis of individual applications, which need to be submitted three months from the day of entry into force of the amendments.The applicants will have had to live in Slovenia since 1990 with gaps of no more than six months except if the absence was due to medical treatment, job or study.Minors will be able to obtain permanent residence permits if they were born in Slovenia, have lived here since birth and at least one of the parents has permanent residence.Applications may be turned down if applicants were convicted of a serious crime or if they were members of the Yugoslav National Army (JLA) who did not respond to the Slovenian request to join the territorial defence.The solution would be introduced with amendments to the constitutional law for the implementation of the basic constitutional charter on the independence and sovereignty of the Republic of Slovenia.According to Mate, this is “the most appropriate way to finally resolve the status of citizens of successors to the former Yugoslavia.”The centre-right coalition parties expressed support for the motion, as they advocate the case-by-case approach. As Slovenian Democrats (SDS) deputy Branko Grims told the press, this is the only realistic way of resolving this issue. “

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