>Mend your car? You didn’t ask me.

> The Victoria Garage in Burgess Hill really is a place to be avoided, having gone from from pricey but predictable, to surly, exorbitant and indifferent in the course of 12 months.

When servicing the car leaves you little change from £300 and you end up having conversations like this:

“…I’m sorry but the ventilator’s still not working, did you test it?

“No, you only asked us to unblock it”

Then you can’t help feeling you’ve been had.

Presumably, the VG mechanic thought we just wanted it cleared for aesthetic reasons…

Actually, perhaps he didn’t even think this and thought we just wanted to make a charitable donation, as when we have a look the ventilator is still blocked up with broken glass from a windscreen smash a while back.

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