>Slugging it out in the garden: a rum deal

> The cold damp summer weather has seen a huge incursion of slugs into our back garden keen to eat what passes for a flowerbed. They say that you can deal with slugs by leaving out saucers of beer as distraction-cum-death trap, but we didn’t have any and it seemed a shame to waste even a drop of good Czech lager on the little blighters, so I thought I’d try a drop of the hard stuff and another Czech specialty on them: a tot of the country’s (in)famous ‘domestic rum’ (tuzemský rum), now known as tuzemák as under EU regulations it cannot be called ‘rum’ as it is distilledfrom beet- not cane sugar. The slugs clearly must have got wind of this as they ignored it, making their usual beeline for the (remaining) flowers.

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