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Looking over the BBC childrens TV website for something educational for my daughter, I came across the mildly surreal, mildly entertaining online games Councillor Quest II and Captain Campaign intended to provide citizenship education and promote civic engagement. An interesting comic strip version of what local politics is about – centring on the environment and anti-social behaviour, mildly contentious but basically respectable and focused on formal channel and, of course, very media driven. Sponsored by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. It seems to centre on a resource mobilization model of politics with fund raising and picking the right people for right jobs the key to success. Glad to see my taxes are being spent on something useful.

And did I have a go at something so daft? Yes, of course I did . I ran a reasonably successful national campaign against GM food, but bombed as a local councillor turning up to investigate anti-social behaviour at a nightclub at 11.00 in the morning and then forgetting my constituency surgery that afternoon altogether.

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