>Bulgarian pensioners get anti-crisis payment


Perhaps with an eye to possible protests and possible votes, Bulgaria’s coalition government are bunging the country’s pensioners a one off payment of 50 leva – around 20 quid or US$35 reports the Sofia Weekly. Bulgaria is the poorest member of the EU and parliamentary elections are scheduled next June. No doubt the incumbent Socialists are hoping that their efforts will be more convincing that the bruised Czech Civic Democrats’ fruitless efforts to reassure pensioners that they were being looked after economically, although in comparison with Bulgaria they probably are.
350 000 Bulgaria Retirees Receive BGN 50 Compensation against Financial Crisis

“About 350 000 Bulgarian retirees are going to receive a one-time allowance of BGN 50 with their November pensions as part of the government’s measures to tackle the consequences of the global financial crisis.

The news was announced Thursday by Bulgaria’s Labor Minister Emiliya Maslarova, who explained that all retirees whose monthly pensions were below BGN 113,49 would benefit from the measure.

However, the allowance will be paid per household not per person, i.e. a household with two retirees with pensions below BGN 113,49 would be entitled to receive only one BGN 50 allowance.

The allocation of the BGN 50 allowance was necessitated by the inflation of basic products and services in the recent months. The inflation compensations will cost the national budget about BGN 17,5 M.”

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