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>Israelis seek winning formula for interest parties


Ha’aretz carries an interesting report about how various Israeli politicians are trying to repeat the success (unlikely to be repeated) of the Israeli pensioners’ party GIL in 2006 with a formula by combining interest politics with a dash of populist razzmatazz. This time a disabled people’s party and a couple of constitutional reform cum clean government parties seem to be taking the field. The conflict in Gaza, however, seems to have dampened the Israeli electorate’s appetite for novel micro-parties this time, howoever

>Too many cooks don’t spoil political broth, say Israeli leaders


Another interesting article in the Jerusalem Post, this time about arguments from the country’s politicians, that, contrary to received opinion, the proliferation of small, short-lived, single-issue/interested based parties in Israel is good for democracy

>Israel pensioners party banks on stars

>The Jerusalem Post reports that the leader of Israel’s fractious pensioners party GIL has replaced its current MPs as with celebrities/personalities on the party’s electoral list for the forthcoming Knesset elections. Polls suggest GIL will at best gain two MKs. Reports from STA suggest that Slovenia’s pensioners party DeSUS is also taking a beating in the polls only months after its record near 8% score in the country’s elections. However, this may be part of the new left-wing coalition’s sudden drop in popularity.