>Václav Klaus’s CEP-tic tank


The latest newsletter of President Klaus’s pet thinktank Centre for Economics and Politics (CEP) is devoted to a series of articles arguing that global warming is ‘dubious’ and the Stern report on climate change unreliable – most authored CEP’s usual less-than-heavyweight staffers. At a time when even many US Republicans and Camerronian British Toriesare adjusting to the now extremely obvious reality of human-induced global warming, this stuff frankly is in the same intellectual bracket as Holocaust denial or 9/11 conspiracy theories – and rather odd considering that the party Klaus founded, the Civic Democrats, are in coalition with the Czech Republic’s pro-market Greens. You would think they would be spreading the word on emissions trading or a market in personal carbon quotas, perhaps organised along the lines of the voucher privatization programme but without the corruption. Still Klaus and his buddies have ploughed a rather lonely furrow exploring the paranoid highways and byways of Czech national liberalism since at least 2002 without really responding to wider debates on the Anglo-American right, so I can’t say I’m surprised they are still such in this groove. From flat taxers to flat earthers, it seems.

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