>Czech Civic Democrats split over EU Reform Treaty


As if a precarious-to-noneexistent parliamentary majority and divisions over relations with coalition partners (too many concessions on nukes to the Greens etc) and policy (flat(er) tax proposals not flat enough for some) now, reports Lidové noviny, the Czech Civic Democrats (ODS) are split over the EU Reform Treaty. This, according to Prime Minister Topolánek in an echo of Gordon Brown, is an acceptable compromise, which is sufficiently different from the old EU Constitutional Treaty that no referendum is necessary. Not so say various ODS senators and deputies, most of whom seem to be Young Guns without ministerial office, who insist on a referendum. It will be interesting to see how the issue plays (if at all) at the upcoming ODS congress. There, however, British parallels end as, I suspect, any referendum on the the issue in the Czech Republic would be a winnable, if risky, proposition.

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