>Czech parliament: Public Affairs and Communists do best on women and youth


And how new are those new Czech parties? In terms of youth and greater representation of women – both useful tools in the content-free populist’s political toolbox, but also genuinely important in terms of democratic quality – a quick glance at the new Czech parliament yields a surprise. That well known new force the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia have second largest percentage of deputies under 30 and the largest proportion of female deputies.
Admittedly, the Communists also have by a country mile the largest percentage of over 50s – and possibly those two figures are connected – but there’s a striking contrast with the Social Democrats who are dinosaurs both in terms of age and gender balance. Surprising in a party with both well developed youth and women’s sections. Perhaps the reason is due to drop in the number Social Democrat deputies affecting less established and less powerful young and/or female politicians, although Czech voters were able to re-rank candidates and did so extensively.

As might be expected Public Affairs still does rather well – VV has the largest number of young deputies and the second highest proportion of women. TOP deputies, by contrast, have a much less youthful profile, although they are in the middle in terms of female representatives.

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