>Czech Republic: the political marketing wot won it for the left


I can’t vouch for its academic quality, but any Czech-speaking readers interested in knowing more about the rough, tough election-winning tactics of the Czech Social Democrats might be interested in reading the BA dissertation of political science student, Tomáš Kubík, which examines the party’s 2006 general election campaign which saw it transform the seeming certainty of crushing defeat at the hands of the right to a very narrow loss indeed, leaving the right to cobble together the current precarious minority government. The conclusion is, it seems, that it was US political conultants PSB, thorough, ongoing polling and the resultant strategy focused on a segmented electorate wot won it – well, rescued it- in 2006 for ČSSD. A similarly to-the-point bread camapign stressing economic issues and social security seems also to have delivered the goods two years on.

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