>Klaus thinktank ‘uninvited’ from ODS congress


And, in a sign of the times, Václav Klaus’s thinktank the Centre For Economics and Politics (CEPin) has, it seems, been uninvited from the forthcoming ODS congress because of its director’s intention to found a new eurosceptic party (but not one called Libertas.cz). Slightly odd, as the thinktank is technically not an ODS party body and CEPin director, Petr Mach, as an ODS member should surely be subject to sanction as an individual for such a breach of party discipline. Of course, we only have Mach’s word that CEPin is personna non gratia at the congress – and, as all these tales of second splinter parties do have an air of disinformation about them, a pinch or three of salt may be in order – but the CEPin logo has been purged from the ODS website’s list of loosely affiliated organizations.

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