>Manifesto of Czech Eurorealism

> And as a follow up to the previous post, I should say that an English language translation of the April 2001 Manifesto of Czech Eurorealism that Jan Zahradil co-authored as the Civic Democrats’ Foreign Affairs spokesman can be found online here in the September 2001 edition of the European Journal, house magazine of Bill Cash’s European Foundation.

The English translation of the Manifesto used to feature – alongside French, German and Italian translations – on Zahradil’s webpage, but were removed when the site was revamped, although the Czech original continues to feature there (as on the website of the Civic Democratic Party itself). I did email Zahradil’s office to ask them to repost the English version of this sometimeshairraising but very interesting document, which quite a few students and researchers who don’t know Czech would like to read, but alas no reply….

Perhaps the pressure of work in the European parliament or summer holidays? Or maybe now rather the embarrassing predictions that the EU would postpone enlargement and the fantasy politics reflections that Czech Republic could stay out of the EU and join NAFTA.

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