>That Klaus interview – an extract

>And -for anyone interested – here is the key section of that Klaus interview with MF Dnes translated. The full interview (in Czech) can be found here.

“In Lidové noviny it was reported in connection with different views in ODS that a new eurosceptics’ party is to be formed, which has your support and in whose formation people working with you are involved. Is this true?

I’m not aware that anyone working with me has founded a party. It’s been rumoured for several months that a party might enter the elections to the European Parliament next year wishing to focus on these elections, but not wishing to enter the left-right conflicts of Czech politics. But whether there has been a shift from rumour to the real formation of such a party, I don’t know.

It’s rumoured that such a party would be very close to you.

Then I would have to found it [To bych ji musel založit já.]

And are you planning to found it?

Certainly not today. It’s not something I can be forbidden from doing as President, but I don’t aspire to it.

In other words, you think such a party will be formed?

You’re forcing me to guess. I don’t know.

Would you support it if it had a programme which you agreed with?

It’s simply essential that there be a party which views the processes being played out in Europe today realistically and which doesn’t kow-tow to powerful forces abroad [která by nepoklonkovala v uctivém předklonu před mocnějšími za našimi hranicemi]. I would consider such a party extremely necessary in the Czech Republic and anywhere else in Europe. I would definitely support something like that. If I took all the emails I’ve received at the Castle in the last few days responding to my speech before the Constitutional Court in Brno, then such a party could have a reasonable number of members.

Would you join such a party?

I don’t know if I am currently nominally in a party today today.

But you are in ODS

Probably for a few more days yet, yes.

A few more days yet, what does that mean.

You’ll see.

Hang on, does that mean you’re going to leave ODS?

That’s something you can speculate about.”

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