>Whack! Kepow! Just another day at the office for a LibDem MEP…


Meanwhile the European Liberal Democrats and Radical group in the European Parliament has, I see come up, with political comic strip/graphic novel, Operation Red Dragon:

“Set in the European Parliament and the fictitious country Fang Dong, Operation Red Dragon is the fictional story of Elisa Correr, an MEP who gets embroiled in a risky and fascinating adventure whilst in pursuit of her parliamentary activities.

New instalments will be available for download every week from this site. So come back to follow the adventures of Elisa Correr.

The aim of the comic strip is to illustrate the activities and processes of the European Parliament in a more accessible than studying text books about the EU.”
Naturally, in the interests of innovation in teaching politics I dipped in. I’ve often felt the sleaze and manipulation of post-communist politics was good thriller material and some of the more gothic aspects of post-Soviet politics seem ready made for graphic novel treatment. However, the activities of Lib Dem Euro MEPs hadn’t quite struck me in the same light, although ex-leader of the Lib Dems Lord Ashdown and former High Representative in Bosnia was a former special forces soldier with an occasionally complicated love life so there is a life precedent for this particular brand of muscular liberalism.
The comic strip itself seems pretty standard (and indeed readable) evening newspaper stuff right down to vulnerable glamorous heroine in revealing dressing gown and all action journalist hero/love interest, although “the activities and processes of the European Parliament “ (perhaps thankfully) don’t get too much of a look in. All seems rather sexist for the ELDR, though. Surely Elisa can do a bit of rough stuff in Fang Dongian military coup before jetting back to Brussels or Strasbourg to help apply a bit of EU soft power and have EP pass a particurlt tough but balanced resolution expressing grave concern about recent developments and the deterioration of the human tights situation in Fang Dong?

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