>Hungary: believe me, I lied.

>An intriguing story from Hungary – suave millionaire Socialist PM Ferenc Gyurcsany admits in an expletive strewn taped address to MP that his government – and, in other interpretations, the whole of Hungary’s political class and electorate – has been lying about the country’s fiscal health and (by implication) savage market reform is needed

Although posted on the Prime Ministerial blog in Hungarian, English translations of the remarks seem rather thin on the ground. A partial English transcript can be found at the Now It Can Be Public site rendering one extract as

“… There is not much chance. Because we fucked it up. Not in a small way. Big. In Europe, no country did such a ‘sturdity’ (here, the PM used a word which is usually used in place of “stupidity” but sounds similar). It can be explained. We evidently lied all along in the last one and a half-two years. It was crystal clear that we are saying is not true. We are so past the possibilities of the country, that, that, that we could not imagine before that the common governance of the Hungarian Socialist Party and the liberals can ever do and we did nothing for four years. Nothing. You can’t say any important act of the government which we can be proud of aside from pulling out the goverment from shit at the end. If we need to account what we have done in front of the country, what are we going to say? “

If, as suggested, it is a political ploy to kickstart the process of reform in a political system, where intense two-party competition and the free spending inclination of conservative-populist right opposition keen on subsidizing the middle class and small town Hungarians they see essence of a Hungarian nation, then it is most interesting. Whether it will short circuit the historical pathways that have generated Hungary’s well entrenched party system and generate a constituency for reform remains to be seen….

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