>Inside Lenin’s brain


There’s a small striking black and white poster up in the lift with a familiar image of Lenin. I assume at first it’s for the Socialist Workers’ Party (‘…Lenin’s thoughts about the world crisis…’ yawn) and am a bit surprised that the SWP has any sympathisers at SSEES. But when I read on get the bit about Vladimir Illich’s views about advice about MPs expenses and passing exams being given by Lenin’s brain on tour having been specially revived and bio-engineered Russian scientists, it dawns on me that it’s a April fool, although as Soviet scientists do more or less try this in the 1920s, it’s perhaps not that wide of the mark. Maybe someone working in artificial intelligence could programme some online avatar to simulate what the leader of the world proletariat would say. No doubt what remains of the traditional student far left would welcome the advice.
I sit in a small pool of light in my office using the QCA program to ‘iterate’ between different comparative configurations. I’d like to think this the comparative political scientist’s equivalent of Lenin’s brain, but it isn’t and I end having to use my own rather more than I would like.
Luckily, I do get some answers, although not to the global crisis…

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