>For Heaven’s sake

Another of the Czech Republic’s small liberal parties – the Liberal Reform Party (LiRA) attracts my attention. LiRA is a small Brno-based libertarian outfit led by the very energetic former Civic Democratic Alliance-member Milan Hamerský, which boasts one elected representative Brno Senator Jiří Zlatuška, the former Rector of Brno’s Masaryk University (who, one suspects, would probably have won as an independent).

LiRa, which will do well to pass the 1% barrier in next month’s elections has a rather different approach to the ‘New Freedom Union’s’ candid endorsement of the right to be a loser. In what I first thought was a sponsored link to a travel agent, tts web site promises Heaven on Earth (see above) seemingly in the form of a tropical island.

In practice, not unlike the dying Freedom Union, the party offers a scrappy, bullet-pointed programme of tax cuts, subsidy slashing and tuition fees (not an obvious voter winner with the New Political Generation the party is seeking to promote), albeit with the added novelty of leaving the environment to the free market to sort out. Perhaps the island represents the Czech Republic after global warming has set in…

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