>Poland’s LiS: a fox driven to ground


Well, a better informed colleague tells me, the LiS grouping is more of a fox driven to ground than a powerful populist predator likely to gobble up the voters of more mainstream parties – the League of Polish Families has dire poll ratings of 2-3% and Self-Defence is poised uncertainly over the 5% threshold needed to enter parliament. The whole project is more of a short-term electoral bloc in the best traditions of Polish pre-election hocus pocus than a true party merger. Both parties will apparently keep their own organizational structures and simply bolt on some kind of co-ordinating bodies. This given that both party leaders are also likely to keep their egos intact, suggests they will probably not keep the whole show on the road for very long.
Seems I have myself fallen into that the trap I often warn other people about of wishing powerful anti-market forces into existence, when the real story – in Poland as elsewhere – seems to be the political strength of more mainstream populists such as the Law and Justice party (Pis) able to hold a gun to the head of its erstwhile coalition partners by threatening them with early elections and probable political oblivion. Boom, boom, as Basil Brush would say.

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