I have a broad interest in the comparative development of political parties and democracy in Europe, as well as in-depth expertise and a longstanding interest in the politics of the Czech Republic.

My major book publication is The New Right in the New Europe: Czech Transformation and Right-Wing Politics. As well as writing on democracy and parties in the Czech Republic and the comparative politics of the right in Central and Eastern Europe, I have also published work on the political representation of older people, the rise of anti-establishment parties in Central and Eastern Europe and the prospects of established parties in Europe and beyond.

You can see me talking about research on anti-establishment parties in more detail below.

I have a strong interest in comparative methods and, in particular, the use of Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) and other ‘configurational comparative’ techniques to study political change in Eastern Europe.

The underlying concern of my research is extent to which East Central European democracies have come to resemble models familiar from Western Europe – and, contrarily, the possibility that the fluid, elite-centred populist politics of East Central Europe may be a harbinger of things to come in established democracies.