>Between Cameron and Chavez


David Cameron is certainly having a influence on me– why only today I bought my first fruit smoothie. In political terms, however, despite his, in principle, not unappealing combination of bourgeois liberalism and Green politics, I am, it seems, not subject to the Cameron effect, the acid test being an involuntary smile at Steve Bell’s acidic take on DC in today’s Guardian. For my money, however, the now somewhat obscure Czech philosopher Václav Bělohradský, who terrorized the Prague intelligentsia in the 1990s out of some of its complacent certainties, does a much better combination of liberalism, ecology and anti-capitalism.

Beverage-wise, however, it seems I am more Hugo Chavez (chain drinking of coffee) than Dave Cameron (single smoothie and the odd mineral water). There, however, the similarities end. Quite why this archetypical Latin American populist and loud mouthed purveryor of cheap oil is so lionized on the liberal-left – even suppying some material for the first issue of the (ever dull) house magazine of new Universities and Colleges Union – I’ll never know…

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