>Deadlock in Prague: early elections or a political penalty shootout?

> As Czech politicians prove unable even to elect temporary officers to parliament can start, Civic Democrat boss Miroslav Topolánek comes up with a novel idea to break the deadlock – a national poll to elect a single additional MP (LN 7 July). This, he claims, is a device that has been successfully used in Slovenia. Clearly, the Slovenians do make use of referenda and US style citizen initiatives, but this seems off-the-wall… It is, of course, a less than selfless proposal as the ‘right’ (that now includes the Greens in a Czech context) polled 4% more than the left, but surely a sign of desperation, the political equivalent of a penalty shoot out or flipping a coin. It would require a constitutional change, but then does the other likely way out, shortening the parliamentary tern and holding early elections…

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