>Eurostar to Brno? The Economist’s fantasy Europe


The Economist offers an odd, slightly heavy handed bit fantasy geography (aren’t there just a few more important things going on?) re-arranging the countries of Europe by character, political stability and fiscal rectitude. The Czech Republic is now boring enough to swap places with Belgium and more deserving of its north-west European spot as dully politically stable (at least, by contemporary Belgian standards). I guess that’s fine by me. If we can take the Eurostar to Prague and Brno, then it’s a much shorter trip to see the in-laws. But hey, I see Brits have to move down to a spot just off Portugal, as our deficit is large and we don’t seem likely to produce a majority government. Oh well, at least the sun will shine, although with global warning we are probably set for Meditteranean temperature just by staying put and waiting 20 years.

Real afficianando of fantasy geography should, however, perhaps try the Strange Maps blog.

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