>Tories’ new symbol resembles logo of defunct Czech party

>Interesting to note that the British Tories’ new proposed green and blue tree logo – intended no doubt to indicate a sense of rootedness and tradition, ecological sensibilities and a degree of Andrex style softness – closelly resembles that of the near defunct Czech Freedom Union (Unie svobody) party (below right), which crashed out of the Czech parliament in this June’s elections having desperately adopted anarchist symbols and screaming purple in a last ditch attempt to grab the youth vote and stay off their inevitable demise. An omen perhaps?

It aslo resembles the symbol of the Groupement de recherche et d’études pour la civilisation européenne(GRECE), the thinktank of the post-fascist French Nouvelle Droite, indicating its rootness in Indo-European pagan culture, so perhaps the paleo-Tory right could have some cause for hope

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